60 Minutes: Mental Healthcare Denied, Inside Homs & Mindfulness


60 Minutes December 14 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

It’s another new hour of 60 Minutes this Sunday, December 14. Tune in for stories about mental healthcare, the ongoing civil war in Syria, and Anderson Cooper’s quest for mindfulness. Here’s a preview of what’s in store.


60 Minutes: Mental Healthcare Denied

60 Minutes: Mental Healthcare Denied, Inside Homs & Mindfulness

What happens to patients when access to prescribed Mental Healthcare treatments is denied? Scott Pelley will share this story for 60 Minutes on Dec. 14. (mypokcik / Shutterstock.com)

Mental Health is something that tends to crop up in the American conversation without ever reaching a resolution. 60 Minutes is tackling the topic in a report from Scott Pelley about the role insurance companies play in the issue.

Even though doctors may prescribe treatment to mentally ill patients, insurance companies can and do deny this care, meaning that people who are perceived to be very ill are released back into the public. That means they could create a danger to themselves and other people.


It seems like it can be difficult enough in some situations to get a patient to seek medical attention. I can’t imagine how devastating it would be to then be put out on the street. Find out whether there is any recourse against this on the 60 Minutes report December 14.

60 Minutes: Inside Homs

Can you imagine having to eat grass to survive because there is no other food available? That’s what happened to women like Simav in Homs at one point during the civil war in Syria. She documented her struggle on YouTube, and video from her and others has been included in a documentary about their experiences.

60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon will share her story and speak with documentary director Osama Mohammed during Sunday’s broadcast. It’s a vision into a part of the world that most of us probably have not seen.

60 Minutes: Mindfulness & Meditation

CNN’s Anderson Cooper is on assignment for 60 Minutes, and this time, he has a unique and somewhat personal task. He is pursuing Mindfulness through meditation and an abandonment of the gadgets that have taken over so many of our lives.

Can he learn to meditate successfully? Will he be able to give up his cell phone, which he uses constantly for his work? Mindfulness is a type of self-awareness that is said to be very healthy, but it may have become more elusive in this digital age. Learn more about Cooper’s pursuit on the December 14 edition of 60 Minutes.


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