60 Minutes: Lionel Messi, Super Cartel & Luxottica Glasses Review


60 Minutes June 16 2013

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

In June 2013, 60 Minutes was named the winner of an Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Investigative Reporting. The much-lauded show is back with three more intriguing stories for the June 16 broadcast. This time, the topics include a Colombian drug cartel, the talents of soccer star Lionel Messi, and the high price of eyewear.


60 Minutes: Super Cartel

60 Minutes: Lionel Messi, Super Cartel & Luxottica Glasses Review

Lionel Messi, called the best soccer player in the world, will be featured on 60 Minutes Sunday, June 16. (Christian Bertrand / Shutterstock.com)

Colombian drug cartels are the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters and international headlines. Globetrotting reporter Lara Logan is pulling back the curtain on something rarely seen on television.

60 Minutes followed a three-year drug trafficking investigation that led to a dramatic conclusion: the largest cartel drug trafficking bust that customs and immigration had ever seen. That’s coming up Sunday on 60 Minutes.


60 Minutes: Luxottica Glasses Review

Why do eyeglasses cost so much? Lesley Stahl is on the beat to find out what drives the price of something that so many people around the world cannot live without. Luxottica, an Italian company, is responsible for helping about half a billion people see the world around them.

That must mean that Luxottica has a hand in the cost of glasses, which one would think might be more subject to fluctuation and competition. Maybe Lesley can explain to me why contact lenses are so expensive while she’s at it. Does Luxottica have a hand in that as well?

Find out on 60 Minutes June 16 2013.

60 Minutes: Lionel Messi

Soccer is an immensely popular sport around the world, that has struggled to get a foothold in America. In Barcelona, Spain, for example, it’s believed that the city has assembled the best soccer team of all time.

Bob Simon is going to explain how the team trained its players to become such a force, and talk with Lionel Messi, said to be the best player in the history of the world. That is no small accolade.

You can see all these stories when 60 Minutes airs its next episode on Sunday, June 16 2013. If you aren’t able to watch the show, you can see the reports and read the recaps right here this Sunday!


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