60 Minutes: Lethal Pain Medication & Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg


60 Minutes March 10 2013

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60 Minutes is tackling three separate and compelling stories on its March 10 2013 broadcast. The show will explore recent reports of lethal pain medication that has killed dozens, over a century of construction at one of the world’s most beautiful churches, and a fresh take on Facebook from one of the world’s top female business leaders, Sheryl Sandberg.


60 Minutes: Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg

60 Minutes: Lethal Pain Medication & Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg

On March 10 2013, 60 Minutes is exploring a lethal pain medication that has been wreaking havoc and a profile of feminist Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

From what is probably the world’s largest social network, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is talking with CBS News reporter Norah O’Donnell, who is contributing her first report to 60 Minutes.

Sandberg will be talking about where the feminist movement stands today, why she thinks it has stalled, and how she made it to the top of the biggest company in social media.


After decades of progress in the 20th century, she will explain to 60 Minutes why she thinks the feminist movement has arrived at a standstill, and what she thinks can be done to change this. What can women do to be represented more in business and leadership? We will get Sandberg’s take during her 60 Minutes interview on Sunday, March 10 2013.

60 Minutes: Lethal Pain Medication

Scott Pelley is on the case of lethal pain medication that has been causing fungal meningitis and killing dozens of Americans. Hundreds more have fallen ill after taking medicine they thought was supposed to help them.

How could this have happened? Where did the bad medicine come from? If anyone can get answers, it is 60 Minutes, and they will be searching for answers on the Sunday, March 10 2013 broadcast. Don’t miss it.

60 Minutes: Sagrada Familia

From Spain, Lara Logan is reporting on the Sagrada Familia, a Barcelona church in a perpetual state of construction. Designed in 1883 by Antoni Gaudi, his vision is still being carried out today, though the technology to complete his plans has changed drastically over the last 130 years.

All these stories are coming up on a new edition of 60 Minutes, airing Sunday, March 10 2013 on CBS. Be sure to check back for a recap of the show on Recapo after it airs on TV.


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