60 Minutes: Kiev Ukraine Unrest, Data Brokers & Alma Telescope


60 Minutes March 9 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

Coming up on a new installment of 60 Minutes, the CBS newsmagazine will take a closer look at enemies foreign and domestic. The show is visiting Kiev to explore the ongoing tensions in the Ukraine. Also, we will find out what is happening with all the data you type into search engines and share with others online, knowingly and unknowingly. Plus, meet the billion dollar telescope that is going to be taking some unprecedented pictures. It’s all ahead on the March 9 broadcast.


60 Minutes: Kiev Ukraine

60 Minutes: Kiev Ukraine Unrest, Data Brokers & Alma Telescope

60 Minutes is taking a closer look at life in Kiev as unrest in the Ukraine continues. The March 9 show also looks at the Alma telescope and data brokers.

Tensions in the Ukraine have been running high thanks to revolution and the removal of president Victor Yanukovych. Russia has been involved in the dispute and the United States has been thrust into the situation at more than one point. Find out from CBS News correspondent Clarissa Ward what’s unfolding on the ground and what the people of this region are hoping may be the outcome. Her report will be seen this Sunday.

60 Minutes: Data Brokers

Steve Kroft is taking a look at private companies that collect your data on the Internet as well as offline, analyzing it and selling it to other companies who may be interested in marketing to you.


These are companies who build profiles about you based on your credit card spending, online search history, and even public records that are available through government agencies. What are they doing with all this information, and why would someone want to buy it? Find out on 60 Minutes March 9.

60 Minutes: Alma Telescope

How did we get here? It’s a question that is asked throughout the history of civilization, and attempted answers have come in a variety of forms over time. Bob Simon is sharing a report this week from Chile about the Alma Telescope, a $1.3 billion wonder of science and technology that is producing images unlike any we have ever seen before. Tune in for that report this Sunday on 60 Minutes.


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