60 Minutes: Jeremy Lin Linsanity & Newtown Parents Aftermath


60 Minutes April 7 2013

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this episode.

This weekend, 60 Minutes is once again devoting multiple segments to a single story, and this is one that is fresh in the minds of most Americans. Scott Pelley will report on the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy, less than four months after elementary school students were gunned down in their classrooms. Also up this week, a profile of NBA star Jeremy Lin. Here’s what’s ahead.


60 Minutes: Newtown Parents Aftermath & Update

60 Minutes: Jeremy Lin Linsanity & Newtown Parents Aftermath

On April 7, 60 Minutes will explore the career of NBA point guard Jeremy Lin. Also, Scott Pelley will have a conversation with parents of Newtown victims. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

CBS News anchor Scott Pelley is talking with the parents whose lives were forever changed on a Friday morning in December. That is when a young man burst into Sandy Hook Elementary School. He was heavily armed, and he went after the most innocent of targets: young children.

The stories of chaos and heroism, tragedy and sorrow poured from the tight-knit town, and support flooded in from all over the country. Now, it has been nearly four months since Newtown, Connecticut, was forever transformed.


Parents of some of the victims are setting out on a new quest to prevent further gun violence that could have such a devastating impact on other families. Find out what they aim to do, and why they are prepared for this to take the of their lives.

The parents of Newtown will be the subject of a two-part report on 60 Minutes this Sunday, April 7 2013.

60 Minutes: Jeremy Lin Linsanity

Jeremy Lin has spurred a phenomenon among fans of the NBA. It is called Linsanity, and it is something you don’t see every day in professional basketball. Lin wears #7 for the Houston Rockets, and the 6’3” point guard is open about his faith.

But his popularity has cast a spotlight on race in the basketball league, because he is one of the few Asian Americans ever to play in the NBA. He will be talking about his remarkable career with Charlie Rose on the April 7 broadcast of 60 Minutes.


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