60 Minutes: How Bill Gates Sees The Future & Veterans In The Workforce


60 Minutes May 12 2013

Recapo update: Here are the stories from this hour.

60 Minutes, the gold standard of television news, has lined up three fascinating subjects for its reports on Sunday, May 12. The topics include rescued hostage Jessica Buchanan, veterans in the workforce, and a profile of how Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates sees the future.


60 Minutes: How Bill Gates Sees The Future

60 Minutes: How Bill Gates Sees The Future & Veterans In The Workforce

The May 12 episode of 60 Minutes will explore how billionaire Bill Gates sees the future and a Syracuse University course for veterans in the workforce.

Charlie Rose got the plum assignment of profiling billionaire and humanitarian Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. You might be surprised that one of Gates’s heroes is the painter Leonardo Da Vinci.

If you weren’t aware of the man’s vast wealth, you might also balk at the sum he paid to acquire a centuries-old manuscript by the creator: $30.8 million. See why Gates says the purchase was worth it, because it represents a quest for knowledge.


That’s part of what inspires Gates every day, and he is taking 60 Minutes into his personal office for a conversation that just might motivate you as well.

What’s more, Gates will explain how and why he is investing in a nuclear reactor and other technology that he says could help to change the lives of some of the poorest citizens in the world.

60 Minutes: Jessica Buchanan Rescue

When American worker Jessica Buchanan was kidnapped, there was only one elite team that could get to her in the Somali desert. Scott Pelley from CBS News will be talking to Buchanan and learning more about the Navy SEAL mission to rescue her from her captors. That’s ahead on 60 Minutes for May 12 2013.

60 Minutes: Veterans In The Workforce

Dr Sanjay Gupta is contributing a special report for 60 Minutes on May 12. His story profiles a professor on a mission at Syracuse University. Mike Haynie, a veteran of the US Air Force, has been inspired to create a unique course.

He teaches disabled military service members how to start their own successful businesses. What inspired him to get started in this area? Tune in for the broadcast or log on to read about it after the show.


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