60 Minutes: FDA Gender Dosage, Philip Seymour Hoffman + Homeless Solutions


60 Minutes February 9 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this broadcast.

The future of society is the throughline for an hour of diverse stories on 60 Minutes this weekend. The February 9 broadcast is scheduled to include a look at FDA dosage guidelines based on gender, a profile of late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, and a new approach to homelessness that could be saving taxpayers a lot of money.


60 Minutes: FDA Gender Dosage

60 Minutes: FDA Gender Dosage, Philip Seymour Hoffman + Homeless Solutions

60 Minutes looks back at the life of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, the FDA’s lacking gender dosage guidelines, and homeless solutions on February 9.

There are countless drugs under the purview of the Food and Drug Administration. But of all of them, there is just one for which the FDA recommends different doses depending on the patient’s gender. Why is that?

Science tells us that men and women metabolize drugs at different rates, so why is Ambien the only drug for which the FDA acknowledges this fact? Lesley Stahl is talking with experts about what this could teach us about medicine and the changes that may need to be addressed going forward. That’s coming up this Sunday, February 9.


60 Minutes: Philip Seymour Hoffman

In February 2014, character actor Philip Seymour Hoffman suddenly passed away in what may have been a drug overdose. But the star’s struggles to overcome addiction were not something that he shied away from even in public.

This Sunday, 60 Minutes is broadcasting a re-edited version of its 2006 profile of the man, who candidly spoke about his struggles and desire for sobriety. The same year he was originally featured on 60 Minutes, he received an Oscar for his portrayal of Capote.

Steve Kroft will revisit his conversation with the man, who is mourned by fans, on the February 9 broadcast.

60 Minutes: Homeless Apartments

It costs a lot to keep an uninsured and unhoused patient in the hospital for even one night. In fact, that expense for taxpayers is more than it might cost to provide a month’s rent in an apartment for that person. Could it be possible that advocates have devised a plan to address homelessness that could be cost-effective and successful? Anderson Cooper reports about this story this Sunday on 60 Minutes.


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