60 Minutes: FBI Director James Comey, Cancer Drugs Cost + Smart Dog


60 Minutes October 5 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

60 Minutes has a new hour of reporting on Sunday, October 5, featuring stories about the incredible cost of some cancer drugs, research about the mental abilities of dogs, and and interview with the FBI’s current director.


60 Minutes: FBI Director James Comey

60 Minutes: FBI Director James Comey, Cancer Drugs Cost + Smart Dog

60 Minutes will have the first television interview with current FBI director James Comey on the show’s October 5 episode. (Anton Balazh / Shutterstock.com)

This edition of 60 Minutes will feature Scott Pelley’s interview with the current FBI director, James Comey. He has been in the job for about a year, and this is his first television interview. I guess he has been busy with his many responsibilities, but now he is ready to talk about all the challenges he and the bureau face on a daily basis.

In particular, the conversation will explore what may be in store for Americans who have gone abroad to join the cause of ISIS (or ISIL). Since they are still American citizens with American passports, they could come back to the US. What does Comey think about this possibility? Find out October 5.


60 Minutes: Cancer Drugs Cost

Lesley Stahl is exploring a healthcare crisis and what some doctors are doing to find a solution that may work. Cancer is a difficult disease, but even worse in many cases is the high cost of treatment. Those drugs don’t come cheap. What are some doctors doing to rectify this problem? Watch 60 Minutes this weekend to see how medical professionals are attempting to make the best of a bad situation.

60 Minutes: Smart Dog Research

Anderson Cooper is meeting a dog who may be smarter than any you have met before. I know I think my dog has unfulfilled potential, but apparently science agrees. Chaser, the dog in this profile, has quite the vocabulary.

Retired psychology professor John Pilley will talk about Chaser’s abilities, which supercede that of the average 2-year-old. What does Duke University have to say about this? Watch and see on October 5. (Let your four-legged friend tune in as well!)


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