60 Minutes: Facial Recognition Software & Michael Jackson Memorabilia


60 Minutes May 19 2013

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this hour.

America’s most popular and longest running newsmagazine is devoted to in-depth journalism and reporting. This Sunday, the show will present two back-to-back hours of reporting. In the first hour, stories include facial recognition technology, generational punishment in North Korea, and Michael Jackson’s legacy. Here’s what’s ahead in the first hour of 60 Minutes on May 19 2013.


60 Minutes: Facial Recognition Software

60 Minutes: Facial Recognition Software & Michael Jackson Memorabilia

In the first of two hours on Sunday, May 19, 60 Minutes will report on facial recognition software and concerns over privacy.

As we observed during the recent Boston bombings this spring, cameras are everywhere we go these days. But the technology goes even deeper than that. As Lesley Stahl will report, the next wave in crime fighting is facial recognition.

Advances in software and computers are making it harder and harder for any of us to be anonymous, especially in public places. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? What are the limits to the advantages of this type of technology? Tune in for the May 19 report to learn more about this phenomenon.


60 Minutes: North Korea Punishment

In America, if a person commits a crime, he or she is the one responsible for the consequences in most cases. Depending on the situation, if the child is a minor, the parents may be held accountable. But it’s not that way around the world.

Anderson Cooper is talking with Shin Dong Hyuk, who defected from a prison camp in North Korea. This refugee will explain how three generations of families can be punished for the perceived misdeeds of one relative. Learn more about this brutal system of justice on 60 Minutes May 19.

60 Minutes: Michael Jackson Memorabilia

Michael Jackson passed away a few years ago, and during his life, the pop icon was well known for his flashy style. Lara Logan is taking a closer look at how the pop star lived, and how his name may be more valuable now that he has passed away. Find out just how much his estate is worth now.

These stories are coming up in the first of two 60 Minutes editions this Sunday, April 19.


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