60 Minutes: F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, Cate Blanchett + Russia Vs US?


60 Minutes February 16 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

A new hour of stories and insights will be unspooled on 60 Minutes this Sunday, February 16 2014. The broadcast will explore reported corruption in the Russian government, a look inside the powerful F-35, and a profile of actress Cate Blanchett. Here’s a look ahead.


60 Minutes: Enemy of the State

60 Minutes: F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, Cate Blanchett + Russia Vs US?

60 Minutes will profile Australian Oscar nominee Cate Blanchett and have a look inside the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter on the Sunday, February 16 broadcast. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Bill Browder is a businessman who told 60 Minutes that he has seen a side of Russia that is not being showcased in Olympic highlight packages during the winter games. He claimed that his life has been threatened after he became a victim of the country’s culture of corruption.

But what happened when he shared his experiences and concerns with the US government? He probably did not get the result he was hoping for, and now his quest is threatening to fuel increasing strain and tension between America and Russia, even as the games give Sochi an international showcase. Scott Pelley will have the twisty story on 60 Minutes this Sunday, February 16.


60 Minutes: F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

What does $400 billion buy you? It’s a weapons system more expensive than the most coveted lottery jackpots, and it was invested in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, high tech defense equipment that has applications we probably never expected possible. For 60 Minutes, David Martin will be reporting with an exploration of this top of the line equipment.

60 Minutes: Cate Blanchett

Sunday’s broadcast will also feature a profile of Australian actress Cate Blanchett, for which Lesley Stahl traveled down under. The Oscar nominee for Blue Jasmine is treasured as a chameleon in front of the camera, but she told 60 Minutes that director Woody Allen was very hard on her early in the film’s shooting schedule.

It seems like things turned out all right, and she even credits a 60 Minutes interview with Ruth Madoff for helping to inform her role. You can get more of a sense of the star when she and her husband face the cameras for 60 Minutes on Sunday, February 16.


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