60 Minutes: Dame Maggie Smith Downton Abbey & Africa Mercy Volunteers


60 Minutes February 17 2013

Recapo update: this episode’s stories are now online.

60 Minutes is all new on February 17 2013, with a profile of Dame Maggie Smith and a report on the Africa Mercy volunteer hospital. Here is what is ahead on the most prestigious newsmagazine in television this week.


60 Minutes: Africa Mercy Volunteer Program

60 Minutes: Dame Maggie Smith Downton Abbey & Africa Mercy Volunteers

From Downton Abbey, Dame Maggie Smith is granting a rare interview to 60 Minutes on February 17 2013. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Africa Mercy is a civilian hospital ship that helps needy populations with everything from cataracts to cleft palates. 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley traveled to Togo to see the ship in action and interact with the volunteers and medical staff that are changing lives across the world.

His report will be seen February 17 2013 on a new edition of 60 Minutes. Among the subjects will be Dr Gary Parker, who trained at UCLA before taking a “temporary assignment” aboard the ship that has turned into a 26-year labor of love.


Also profiled is Ali Chandra, a New Jersey nurse who sees the difference that the ship’s work is making in the medical and social lives of the patients they serve. See more on the 60 Minutes broadcast, or check Recapo to learn more after the show.

60 Minutes: Dame Maggie Smith & Downton Abbey

After decades of memorable roles, Dame Maggie Smith is one of the brightest stars of the popular PBS period drama Downton Abbey, but as the third season unfolds on American television, Smith has told 60 Minutes she has never seen the show.

Smith granted a rare interview to Steve Kroft, and at age 78 said that she may watch the series sometime in the future, but for now she is focused on her performances. Her memorable roles span decades and genres, but the enduring star said she has no interest in being in the spotlight.

More from Dame Maggie Smith can be seen on 60 Minutes Sunday, February 17 2013, or on Recapo after the show.

60 Minutes: Iron Dome

Israel has developed a new defense system it’s calling the Iron Dome. Bob Simon will take viewers inside it for a look at how the country is keeping missiles away when neighboring Gaza is on the offensive. These stories will be featured on 60 Minutes this Sunday, February 17 2013.


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