60 Minutes: Clay Hunt Suicide & Chinese Real Estate Bubble


60 Minutes March 3 2013

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

Each week, CBS News and the 60 Minutes team produce a compelling hour of news and information that is consistently a ratings hit with audiences. The show’s in depth reporting has kept it going strong for decades, and this week, the show is not shying away from sensitive topics. The Clay Hunt suicide and the Chinese real estate market are the evening’s big stories. Here is what’s ahead for 60 Minutes on March 3 2013.


60 Minutes: Clay Hunt Suicide

60 Minutes: Clay Hunt Suicide & Chinese Real Estate Bubble

On 60 Minutes March 3 2013, the broadcast will include a look at the Clay Hunt suicide and a military epidemic.

Clay Hunt, a Marine veteran, is just one of many Americans returning from combat with injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder. After endeavoring to help others in his situation, Hunt eventually took his own life. At home and overseas, depression and suicide are growing problems in America’s military.

In 2012, more active duty service members died by suicide than in combat. Back home, lack of resources has led to high unemployment among those returning from service, and the wounds of war are taking their toll on people who may not know where to turn for support.


On 60 Minutes, Byron Pitts will explore The Life and Death of Clay Hunt.

60 Minutes: Zhang Xin Chinese Real Estate

Zhang Xin is a self-made billionaire, and she is proud of the legacy she has created in China, which includes the skyscrapers that form Beijing’s skyline. Lesley Stahl had the chance to interview one of the world’s richest and most successful women about the empire she has created, and what the future may hold for her country and her company. China’s Real Estate Mogul is the subject of a 60 Minutes profile on Sunday, March 3 2013.

60 Minutes: Chinese Real Estate Bubble

The Chinese economy has been rapidly growing and is seeing growing success, especially in the area of residential real estate. But America knows all too well that creating a housing bubble can be the first step toward economic disaster.

Is the Chinese real estate bubble poised to burst? And if it does, will that launch a debt crisis in the world’s second largest economy that could affect commerce around the world? That is also coming up from Lesley Stahl on the March 3 2013 edition of 60 Minutes.

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  1. Rick Thompson says

    The big focus is on recent suicides by ex military, but if you check, you will find just as many problems in GI’s who served during the cold war. I served 8 years during the cold war, but the VA does not even recognize us, we don’t exist. When I returned to civilian life I could not find employment because I was former military. I finally began to lie on my resume , saying I was unemployed for 8 yrs. I was then offered several jobs. I can’t even join the American legion or the VFW. Cold war solders do not qualify.

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