60 Minutes: Bomb-Sniffing Dogs & Nurse Serial Killer Charles Cullen


60 Minutes April 21 2013

Recapo update: Here are the segments that aired in this episode, revised from the previewed profile in light of developing news events this week.

60 Minutes has a new episode set for Sunday, April 21. With the Boston Marathon bombings making headlines worldwide this week, the topic of bomb-sniffing dogs is on many people’s minds. Plus, the show goes inside the mind of a confessed serial killer in a two-part report.


60 Minutes: Bomb-Sniffing Dogs

60 Minutes: Bomb-Sniffing Dogs & Nurse Serial Killer Charles Cullen

On 60 Minutes April 21, the show explores the careers of bomb-sniffing dogs in the military and law enforcement; confessed serial killer Charles Cullen.

Among all the animals millions of Americans keep as pets, dogs seem to have the greatest capacity for specific job training. That is probably due in part to their highly sensitive and powerful noses. Dog also have repeatedly demonstrated a desire to perform trained tasks and serve a purpose.

They are used in various capacities, such as aiding the disabled and assisting in law enforcement investigations. Trained dogs are even part of the military, where they help soldiers by sniffing out bombs and keeping US troops out of harm’s way.


Once a dog returns from a tour of duty, it can often find work at a police department. That is where dogs can be put to use for security at large public events, such as the Boston Marathon. Lara Logan will feature bomb-sniffing dogs, training and canines at work on the April 21 edition of 60 Minutes.

60 Minutes: Angel Of Death Charles Cullen

UPDATE: This two-part segment did not air on April 21 and will probably be postponed for a future broadcast.

Murder is not often the topic of a 60 Minutes segment, much less an in depth report. But for the first time, confessed serial killer Charles Cullen is giving a television interview, and he is only talking to Steve Kroft.

This nurse has confessed to 40 murders during his 16-year career. But there is speculation that his body count may be much higher. Find out why it is so hard to pin down all of the man’s victims.

What would drive a member of the medical community to commit such heinous crimes, and how did he manage to get away with it for so many years? 60 Minutes has the true account of this bizarre story from the man behind the murders.

If you miss 60 Minutes, be sure to check back for our recaps from the April 21 episode.


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