60 Minutes: American Nuns, Jack Dorsey Twitter & Hit Man John Veasey


60 Minutes March 17 2013

Recapo update: This edition’s segments are online now.

Once the fun of St. Patrick’s Day winds down and the reality of an encroaching Monday morning looms, it will be time for a new edition of 60 Minutes. Here is a look at the stories the team is working on this week: American nuns, the story of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, and an interview with former hit man John Veasey.


60 Minutes: Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey

60 Minutes: American Nuns, Jack Dorsey Twitter & Hit Man John Veasey

60 Minutes March 17 will explore the plight of American nuns, a life change for hit man John Veasey, and the story of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.

According to Twitter creator Jack Dorsey, it all started with a police scanner. As a child, he was fascinated by the way short messages communicated so much information. The seed that was planted during his childhood would eventually blossom into a social utility with 200 million users, generating over a billion messages every few days.

After being ousted from Twitter, Dorsey went on to found yet another tech startup. This time it was Square, a mobile payment system that allows small businesses and individuals to accept credit cards using only a smartphone.


Jack Dorsey is profiled this Sunday, March 17 2013, on 60 Minutes.

60 Minutes: Hit Man John Veasey

John Veasey made his reputation as a Philadelphia hit man in the 1990s. But these days, the people he calls family are the members of his church. Has John Veasey changed his criminal ways, devoting himself to religion and his job as a car salesman?

The former government witness will talk to 60 Minutes correspondent Byron Pitts on Sunday’s episode.

60 Minutes: American Nuns

In a week that saw the election of a new pope, 60 Minutes will feature an appropriately timed story about the plight of nuns in America. According to 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon, nuns in America are becoming disillusioned with their calling and their church.

This is reportedly because the group that represents nuns in America was the subject of a reprimand from the Vatican, because their “liberal ideas were undermining the Church.” What would Jesus say about that? 60 Minutes will explore their story on March 17 2013.

If you miss a segment, be sure to check back for full recaps after the broadcast. Which of these stories are you most interested to learn more about? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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