60 Minutes: Afghan Child Migration, Wild Lions & Taylor Swift’s Career


60 Minutes May 19 2013 (Hour 2)

Recapo update: Here’s what happened in the second hour of this week’s 60 Minutes.

As a special treat for fans of the news show, 60 Minutes is presenting a bonus hour of reports on Sunday, May 19 2013. For the second edition of the night, the show’s stories will focus on an Afghan child migration, lions in the wild, and the career of musician Taylor Swift. Here’s a preview of the night’s second hour on 60 Minutes.


60 Minutes: Afghan Child Migration

60 Minutes: Afghan Child Migration, Wild Lions & Taylor Swift's Career

A second hour of 60 Minutes on May 19 will explore wild lions in the bush.

The distance from Afghanistan to Europe is 10,000 miles. That is daunting enough to someone considering travel by plane. But for young boys from the region that has been devastated and fractured by war over the past decade or more, walking the whole way seems like the only hope for a better life.

Anderson Cooper will take a closer look at this child migration, the largest of its kind in modern history, and what happens to the young migrants who are not able to make the pilgrimage. Why are they on the move, and what do they hope to achieve at the end of their journey? Tune in May 19 for this report on 60 Minutes.


60 Minutes: Lions In The Wild

For three decades, a married couple has been living in the bush of Africa. Their project is to document the lives of lions on film, in the animals’ natural habitat. Dereck and Beverly Joubert have devoted their lives to learning about the majestic creatures, and they are sharing some of their insights and observations with Lara Logan on May 19.

I graduated from a school that kept live lion mascots on campus in a habitat. They are really beautiful and fascinating creatures, though I’m sure the experience the captive animals have is much different than what the Jouberts are observing. I can’t wait to see this story.

60 Minutes: Taylor Swift’s Career

Taylor Swift is a music sensation. The 23-year-old writes and performs all her own music, which many may be surprised to learn is not typical in the pop music business. She has sold millions of songs and albums to her legions of fans, and now she is selling her story to Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes.

Tune in for two hours of quality reporting on Sunday, May 19.


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