60 Minutes: No Easy Day Pentagon Lawsuit & Mark Owen Ground Zero


60 Minutes: Mark Owen Vs Pentagon

60 Minutes told the story of Mark Owen, one of the Navy SEALs who killed Osama Bin Laden. Days after their return to the United States, the team had to reunite for another mission: meeting the President. Plus, learn about the No Easy Day Pentagon lawsuit that could be looming.

60 Minutes: No Easy Day Review

60 Minutes: No Easy Day Pentagon Lawsuit & Mark Owen Ground Zero

After the mission to kill Bin Laden, former Navy SEAL Mark Owen visited Ground Zero in a full circle moment. (Carolina K. Smith MD / Shutterstock.com)


The SEALs had the chance to meet with President Barack Obama in a private ceremony. They received the Silver Star for Valor. He asked for details about who shot Bin Laden, but the SEALs agreed to keep it secret, because they worked together as a team.

Is Mark Owen worried about blowback from fellow SEALs from the publication of his book, No Easy Day? He said that of the men who know him, he has heard nothing but support for his ability to tell the story right.

60 Minutes: No Easy Day Pentagon Lawsuit

The introduction to the story mentions that there are no secrets to be revealed within the book’s pages. Instead, Owen set out to compile a firsthand account of the mission itself.


As for the Pentagon, they have a different perspective on the situation. A spokesman said that Owen should have let the government take a pass at editing the book, which could contain classified or sensitive information.

In fact, they accused him in a press briefing of violating his secrecy agreement with the Navy and the government. In the wake of its publication, they may file a lawsuit blocking Owen from receiving proceeds or profits from the book.

60 Minutes: No Easy Day Release Date

The book’s publication date was intentionally set for September 11 2012, a symbolic date in the war on terror. But Mark Owen said it is not political in nature. “We specifically chose September 11 to keep it out of the politics,” he said.

After intense interest and presales, the publication date was actually moved up one week, to September 4 2012.

60 Minutes: Mark Owen Ground Zero

Weeks after his final mission, Mark Owen traveled to Ground Zero to see the spot where the World Trade Center once stood. He said he feels his part was small, but he was still a part of the story, and he wanted to bring the experience full circle.

As for the proceeds from his book, Mark Owen said that he planned to donate most of his profits to charities supporting families of “fallen troops,” which of course depends on any future litigation. His goal was to provide a historical record, public service, and tribute to his fellow SEALs.

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