60 Minutes: Sheryl Sandberg Lean In Review & Women In The Workplace


60 Minutes: Sheryl Sandberg

When you think of Facebook, the name that springs to mind is probably that of enterprising social network entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg. But Sheryl Sandberg, the company’s chief operating officer, runs the business side of things. Norah O’Donnell interviewed Sandberg about her controversial new book, Lean In, which addresses some of the issues facing women in the workplace.

60 Minutes: Women In The Workplace

Sandberg said that women may be partly to blame for their own lack of representation in the world community of business leaders. Despite more women earning college degrees than men, they are still underrepresented in CEO’s offices, especially at Fortune 500 companies.


“Men still run the world,” she said, calling the women’s movement “stalled.” Sandberg said she hopes for her new book to reignite the revolution.

60 Minutes: Most Likely To Succeed

60 Minutes: Sheryl Sandberg Lean In Review & Women In The Workplace

60 Minutes profiled Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, author of Lean In, a new book about women in the workplace and the challenges they face at work. (CBS)

The 43-year-old woman is a corporate leader, who may be uncomfortable with her own influence. She was voted “Most Likely To Succeed” in her yearbook, despite her protestations.


“My entire life, I have felt that I should hold back on being too successful, too smart,” she said. But that thinking is symptomatic of powerful women who take opportunities to downplay their own accomplishments.

60 Minutes: Women Vs Men Success

She also said that “women attribute their success to working hard, luck, and help from other people,” whereas men tend to see their success as a reflection on themselves.

Sandberg added that the real truth is everyone’s success is a product of all these factors. Changing the mindset is the goal of Sandberg’s new book, Lean In.

60 Minutes: Are Women Ambitious?

Her advice is to stop playing it safe, don’t worry so much about being liked, and quit turning down opportunities for advancement.

Sandberg disputed Norah O’Donnell’s characterization that she thinks women are not ambitious, but said data proves women are more reluctant to take key leadership roles.

60 Minutes: Lean In Review

What Sandberg wants a new generation of women to do is take advantage of the factors they can control, to advance themselves professionally and reshape the world.

“Do not lean back. Lean in,” she said in a 2011 Barnard commencement address. Her goal was to help women think of themselves as leaders, rather than accepting the label of “bossy.”

60 Minutes: Sheryl Sandberg Google & Facebook

As a Harvard student, she followed her professor, Larry Summers, becoming his chief of staff when he was appointed as Secretary of the Treasury. Then, in 2001, she headed to Silicon Valley, where she got in on the beginning of Google.

She was reluctant about the prospects, but she got the chance to help build the brand and the company. Then in 2008, she was poached by Facebook to run the social network.

60 Minutes: Sheryl Sandberg Negotiating

Sheryl Sandberg said that she made a critical mistake when taking the new opportunity: she did not plan to negotiate. Her husband convinced her to play hardball and counter the company’s offer.

Eric Sandberg told 60 Minutes that he did not want her to look bad by accepting the initial offer, especially since she would be responsible for countless business negotiations. He should know: he is an Internet entrepreneur now working at Survey Monkey.

60 Minutes: Sheryl Sandberg Marriage Advice

Sheryl said that marriage is a personal decision as well as a career decision. Who you partner with will affect your ability to succeed in the office as well as at home. Her advice is to negotiate with your partner to share domestic responsibilities so you can both succeed.

The Sandbergs are a very rich couple, but they say they try to ensure that at least one of them is home each night for dinner with the kids. Sheryl said that she does sometimes question her choices and compare herself to other women.

60 Minutes: Sheryl Sandberg Guilt

“Every woman I know feels guilty about the choices they are making, including myself,” she said, adding that it inspired her book, Lean In.

Sandberg has been hosting parties and promoting conversations about how to further women in the world of business. But she has met some resistance to her message.

60 Minutes: Working Women Advice

Critics said that the advice is not practical for working women who are not wealthy, as Sandberg is. She admitted that she knows she is speaking from a position that seems foreign to a lot of working moms.

Her advice is simple: “We need to help women own the power they have, learn how to negotiate for raises, get the pay they deserve.”

60 Minutes: Sheryl Sandberg Facebook

Sheryl also added that she is not attempting to speak for everyone, but wanted to share her perspective on what she sees as universal problems for women.

She said being able to negotiate and get what you want is equally important for any woman at any station in life. How did she find time to write a book while juggling her responsibilities at the burgeoning Facebook, with its one billion worldwide users?

60 Minutes: Facebook IPO & Stock Price

Facebook went public in 2012, but the initial public offering was disappointing, dropping by at least half of its value at one point. What did Sandberg make of that outcome?

She said that she and everyone at the company felt personal responsibility to make the company attractive and competitive. Since last year’s IPO, the stock is on the rise.

60 Minutes: Facebook Advertising

Sandberg’s new frontier is the future of advertising on the Facebook social network. Meanwhile, there is speculation about her next act in life. Though she has been critical of a lack of female representation in elected office, she did not say she has any future aspirations to run for office.

I guess we will just have to wait and see what she will lean in on next.


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