60 Minutes: Belgian Malinois Military Dogs & Warrior Dog Foundation


60 Minutes: Sniffing For Bombs

For 60 Minutes, Lara Logan talked about the use of bomb-sniffing dogs in the aftermath of the Boston bombings. Dogs cleared the area twice earlier in the day, according to authorities. Logan said that Belgian Malinois dogs are being used more than ever to detect bombs, since 9/11.

60 Minutes: US Special Operations & Police Dogs

US Special Operations has highly trained dogs that work in various capacities for the military and law enforcement. However, much of their work is classified, and it’s rare to see them talked about in the media.


  1. says

    Trikios Dog International is a animal abuse company!
    How dare you subject dogs to be thrown out of an aircraft,
    & the Moran jerk being questioned on 60 minutes says the dog
    Loves it! how the hell does he know? he is a human, the dog is
    animal! I have never in my life heard stupid uneducated jerk talk
    Like this, he should be arrested & thrown in prison for gross
    animal abuse, along with the entire staff in this Trikos company!
    I am calling my Congressman tomorrow & report this company &
    Also the ARSP. Shame on you for your American abuse of dogs
    Throwing them out of an aircraft with the Moran jerks holding the
    Poor frighten animals. Dam you!!!!!!

  2. Linden king says

    Ralph. Appropriately named as that was my first reaction to your pita inspired comment. The only point you mentioned was jumping out of a plane which was the very first event in the story. That one scene was obviously enough to inspire your knee-jerk reaction of how do they know The dog wants to do it. Had you bothered to watch the whole piece your own question would have been answered. The dogs are given choices, they make their own decision whether to fulfill or abort an action. If the dog falters at any one of the preparation test he or she will not be moved onto the next station. At every point the dog can refuse. That is what makes the stock special. Just like the men that handle them, not your typical stay at home and wine about fur coats and what a dog thinks kind of guy. The constant observation of the dog on it’s handler further supports that the animal is doing exactly what it wants to do. I could go on for volumes but I will not as you are obviously intellectually ill-equipped to deal with the magnitude of today’s problems, the measures that have to be taken to keep undeserving citizens like you safe, or the animal psychology required to communicate with and tap into the incredible skill set these animals possess. Sorry to impose on your time, go back to painting “four more years” signs for Obama now.

  3. Kk says

    Then why were more Labs used after the Boston Bombing? Why is there a picture of a GERMAN SHEPHERD if it’s ‘exclusively’ Malinois? I swear, Malinois lovers are way over their heads.

  4. Shawn osborne says

    I just finished reading Ritland’s book and have been doing research on the history of animals in warfare for years now. I can say with confidence that these animals being utilized by various military groups are extremely well-cared for and 100% willing when it comes to all aspects of their work. They are trained to do things like being taken in a handler’s arms and jumping out of a helicopter. Any dog that cannot be acclimated to this kind of work would not be a part of the SOF team. Ritland loves these animals and anyone accusing him of animal abuse has thier head up their ass. Read a bit and get the facts before you shoot off your month or spill your idiocy on the computer screen.

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